Using technology to transform the health care industry

May 6, 2014 — Today’s interview is with Dr. Harry Greenspun, senior advisor, Healthcare Transformation and Technology at Deloitte.

The discussion starts off with the observation that Dr. Greenspun is wearing a Nike Fuel Band on his wrist. This initiates a wide ranging discussion that begins with mobile devices and touches upon advanced analytics.

Mobile devices produce data for physicians to improve care and reduce cost. This can be in a regular commercial hospital or one of the 157 VA hospitals or 773 outpatient centers.

During the interview, Dr. Greenspun mentions that mobile devices could provide information that would make physicians more productive as well as helping monitor patients in remote locations.


The downside of the proliferation of mobile devices is the glut of information that they provide. This will cause an increased focus on advanced analytics of the data provided. Big data is a big problem if not used properly.

Dr. Greenspun also mentiones the Deloitte University Press, an arm of his company that assists in understanding healthcare issues by publishing articles and studies to assist in using technology to reduce healthcare costs.