Agile software development: Where does it fit in?

June 17, 2014 — Every federal information professional has heard of the term “agile” and may have a range of understanding of how it applies to software development.

Today’s interview is with Richard Cheng, principal consultant and training lead for Excella Consulting. His specialty is agile software development.

In the world of software development, terms like “agile” has mostly been applied to software development. Hundreds of books have been written about it. Initially it was rejected by prestigious organizations like the Project Management Institute, which did not offer training in agile software development.

It has gotten so popular that the term is now appropriated by marketing, sales, and even the folks designing data centers. We are starting to see phrases like “agile marketing” and the “agile data center.”


During the interview, Cheng tackled some tough topics like the role of testers. Some developers don’t see how they will be recognized in a team. If a typical software developer is an analytical introvert, how can that skill set work in a small group?

Listen to get an idea of how to apply agile software development in the federal workplace.

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