Copy data management

July 29, 2014 — Today’s interview is with Ash Ashutosh, the CEO of a company called Actifio.

The company addresses a problem that is flying under the radar of most federal information technology professionals.

The concern is quite simple: hard drives are cheap, virtualization is everywhere, and people are making copies of data that is expensive to store.

During the interview, Ashutosh references a recent survey on federal data users.

The study shows that 40% of federal agencies have 4 or more copies of data.

At first read this seems like a waste of infrastructure, but in the middle of the interview Ash reveals that he was in the office of a Fortune five company and the CIO confessed that some of his databases had over 500 copies!

A few copies are reasonable – a typical developer will have production data and then a copy.

Typically, this copy would be used for data protection, information sharing, analysis, or possibly compliance.

Sometimes this copying can get out of hand.

The proposed solution from Actifio is to make one “golden” copy of the information and generate virtual instances of it.

This way, storage costs are reduced and confusion about data integrity is eliminated.

He responds to the concerns about atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability and shows how billions of dollars can be saved by copy data management.

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