Improving the user experience on your agency’s website

September 30, 2014 — Many federal information technology professionals worry about the experience that citizens have when visiting a website.

That’s why today’s guest is Tim McLaughlin, CEO of a web design company called Siteworx.

The primary task of McLaughlin’s company is to improve commercial web sites.

This may mean user experience. It may mean integrating with other aspects of a ompany databases. It can also mean ways to improve the way a website looks on a mobile device.


The Department of State is charged with a wide range of tasks. One is to design a website that allows people to apply for travel abroad, passport applications, and many other tasks like visa applications and management.

The agency was challenged with completing the project and McLaughlin’s team helped it achieve the stated goals.

During the discussion, McLaughlin delineates responsive design vs. native apps.

He also discussed the options available improving the experience of a federal web site, and gave a good overview of the Adobe suite of products that include analytics, media optimizer, and Adobe Experience Manager.

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