Public-private partnerships in healthcare IT

September 2, 2014 — This week on “Federal Tech Talk” , host John Gilroy interviews Damon Davis, director of the Health Data Initiative at the HHS Idea Lab, and Sara Zellner, director of Programs at the Health Data Consortium.

They will be appearing on a panel to discuss public private partnerships in the area of healthcare information technology.

Solving the problems of healthcare in the United States cannot be handled by the federal government or the private sector alone. One proposed solution is for both to come together to solve a common problem.

Today, we have a representative from each side of the coin in the studio.

They will be appearing as part of a panel discussion sponsored by HiMSS NCA on September 18, 2014. The theme of the event is “Creating a Marketplace for Health Innovation”.

During the interview, they touch on topics of interest to people in the medical community and the technology community as well.

The interview began with a comparison of open data, open source, and open innovation. The concepts can be confusing and Davis presents an easy way to understand the differences.

Zellner’s organization has worked with HHS and the White House to sponsor the well- received “Health Datapalooza” every year.

Listen to the show to see how public-private partnerships can help address issues like transparency, and security.


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