Understanding big data

Tim Estes, chairman & CEO, Digital Reasoning

wfedstaff | April 18, 2015 1:47 am

February 17, 2015 — Today’s guest is Tim Estes, chairman and CEO of Digital Reasoning.

Jobs were scarce for Estes when he left the University of Virginia with a degree in philosophy. He did the only reasonable thing – he started one himself. Digital Reasoning is the outgrowth of trying to understand massive amounts of data, or what is colloquially known as big data.

During the interview, Estes suggests that one can come up with a textural analysis of large amounts of data and derive valid conclusions.

The idea became so popular that he introduced a product called ” Synthesys” that has the ability to help federal and commercial organizations understand large data sets.


The system proposed by Digial Reasoning combines his powerful algorithm with the flexibility of cloud services from Amazon Web Services.

Estes argues that will give a federal agency real-time, on-demand, usage-based analysis of millions of emails and seemingly incongruent data.

Science has always been about finding order in an unstructured world. The ideas suggested by Digital Reasoning are worth examining.