Open source in the federal government

April 28, 2015 — Today’s interview is with Andrew Hoppin, the president of NuCivic.

Last year Federal Computer Week named NuCivic as one of 17 “hot companies to watch.”

The reason is that NuCivic helps agencies leverage open source software to achieve long term goals.

The interview began with a comparison.

Many listeners are aware that a popular operating system called Red Hat is a variation of Linux.

In a similar vein, there is an open source offering for content management called Drupal. Much like Red Hat, NuCivic takes Drupal and offers it as a variation on Drupal for content management.

During the discussion, Hoppin talks about success he had working as the award winning CIO for the New York State legislature. He and a colleague left that spot to develop Drupal into an offering they call DKAN.

Hoppin expands on the concept of open source and applies it to a new concept called Open Source as a Service.


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