Supply chain risk management & cybersecurity

May 12, 2015 — Emile Monette is the senior advisor for Resilience and Cybersecurity at the General Services Administration.

He shares key insights on improving the acquisition process for a wide variety of federal professionals.

He has experience in the military, a background at the policy level, law, and a senior procurement professional.

This wide background gives him the perfect position to share insights on reforming the acquisition process to make it safer and more effective.

The focus of the interview is a review of best practices for acquisition with a focus on supply chain risk management and cybersecurity.

He covers a wide range of topics including the SAFE Code Buyer’s Guide.

From Monette’s perspective, there will be a public/private partnership that would gather on a regular basis to examine requirements and changes in the acquisition process.

To that end, Monette mentioned the Software and Supply Chain Assurance Forum.

It is a working group that GSA sponsors and is held in the Mitre offices in Northern Virginia.

This is the forum where you can attend and examine topics like Integrated Adaptive Cyber Defense as well as a look at a variety of Risk Management Frameworks that could help you with your agency’s acquisition.


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