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Glenn Cobb
Glenn Cobb

Today’s interview is with Glenn Cobb, Regional Vice President Americas, Solution Engineering for CipherCloud.

Many federal information professionals want to move to the cloud but have serious questions about security.  During the interview,  Cobb talks about the approach that is used by CipherCloud.

The problem that agencies face is a desire to move to the cloud, but they may not like the policy by vendors like Salesforce or Amazon Web Services where the vendor retains the cryptographic keys.

Cobb talks about the approach that is used by CipherCloud. They provide virtual appliance technology that can be used from premises to encrypt of mask sensitive data.

What is unique about their product is the end user, an agency in this case, can retain the keys.  This system also works with offerings like Gmail and Microsoft Office.  There is impact on speed and the product is fully FIPS-140-2 compliant.

Glenn goes on to describe a new offering that provides security for apps.  It is called the CipherCloud Connect AnyApp Database Gateway.  It applies many of the lessons learned with software as a service to popular apps.


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