Digital signatures: Are they coming to your agency?

Barton Phillips, vice president of DocuSign joins host John Gilroy to discuss how digital signatures will save your agency time and money. July 28, 2015

(This show originally aired on June 9, 2015)

Today’s interview is with Barton Phillips, vice president of DocuSign.

Drastic changes have taken place in technology – some obvious, some not so obvious.

Everyone knows about mobile and the cloud, but some can’t see some of the more practical changes that are taking place. One of these “under-the-radar” changes is using digital signatures.

Most information professionals don’t realize the cost of getting a “wet signature.” One has to print off a document, get it signed, then scan it into a system, archive it. Then, one would fax it, mail it, and possibly overnight it. What seems like a simple process can cost much more than any reasonable person would estimate.

During the interview, Phillips outlines how digital signatures can save federal folks time and money.

When part of a system, a user can use it for authentication, user identity, and even workflow automation. The phenomena of digital signatures has caused companies like DocuSign to be used by 90 percent of the Fortune 500.

If your agency has documentation that requires a signature, it would make sense to listen to this interview to see if digital signing can reduce contract cycle times and improve visibility.

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