Data management and storage

Today’s interview is with John Williams, Senior Sales Executive, and Christian Heiter, CTO,  at Hitachi Data Systems Federal Corporation.

The discussion starts off with host John Gilroy making a sweeping classification of Hitachi Data Systems – you folks are all about Storage Area Networks (SANS), right?  John Williams corrects the host and reminds him that a Hitachi Data Systems Federal Corporation is much more than a mere SAN.

Rather than a nit-picking argument differentiating between a Storage Area Network and Network-attached Storage (NAS), the interview focused on system improvements for federal information

Headshot of Williams and Heiter
John Williams, Senior Sales Executive and Christian Heiter, CTO, Hitachi Data Systems Federal Corporation

professionals.  For example, many federal health sites must be able to share data instantly.  This could be an Electronic Health Record (EHR).  These records petabytes of information and have high availability, terrific performance, and be able to be collated.

The term “agnostic data management” was used half way through the show.  From the perspective of Hitachi Data Systems Federal Corporation, this means that agencies must be able to accept any data type.  This means that interoperability must be built into large data systems.

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