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The government’s journey to digital transformation

Today’s guest is Bill Eggers, director of Public Sector Research at Deloitte. Rather than focus on a specific solution for Federal News Radio listeners, it is occasionally good to look at surveys of what is important for information technology professionals working with governments all over the world.

Headshot of Bill Eggers
Bill Eggers, director, Public Sector Research, Deloitte

Eggers has a terrific background to conduct this survey.  He has written eight books with many dealing with states of transition and technology.

Deloitte put together a survey titled “Journey to Government’s Digital Transformation”. It asks detailed questions to over 1,200 IT professionals, so if you are laboring away in an American agency in a foreign country, you will learn that many of your concerns are shared by others.

For example, during the interview, Eggers talked about aging populations, budget shortfalls, and ballooning entitlement.  Sounds like the front page of most American newspapers.  Eggers talks about strategy, leadership, user focus, and workforce issues.


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