What can Amazon Web Services do for your agency?

headshot of Mark Ryland
Mark Ryland, Amazon Web Services

Today’s guest is Mark Ryland, director of Solutions Architecture and chief architect, Amazon Web Services .  Many federal information technology professionals have reservations about moving to the cloud and Ryland covers many of those concerns.

One concern is security in the cloud.  AWS has offerings that range from the AWS Cloud Trail to AWS Cloud Watch.  During the interview, Ryland details the differences.  He mentions a new blog for the public sector where you can get more details.

One example that highlights security is the Criminal Justice Information Service (CJIS).  It is the largest repository for criminal fingerprints and runs in the Amazon cloud.  In fact, there is a workbook put out by Amazon you can download to get the details.

Listen to the interview to keep up with new programs from AWS. You may note that Gartner has given AWS an excellent rating for Critical Capabilities for Public Cloud.



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