“When data moves, Intel helps you win”

Today’s guest is Jason Kimrey, area director, US Federal, Intel Corporation.  If you look at the last twenty years you can see a simple trajectory – fewer desktop computers and more servers and mobile devices.  Knowing that Intel is a dominant force in desktops you could assume that we would be seeing less and less of Intel.  Just the opposite has happened.

headshot of Jason Kimrey
Jason Kimrey, area director, US Federal, Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation has made the transition and is considered to be a well-run business.  This is accomplished by moving into the consumer space but expanding in the enterprise arena as well.  During the interview Jason Kimrey talks about the Data Center Group and the Internet of Things.   In fact, Intel Corporation has a free whitepaper called: “Harnessing the power of IoT.” 

The discussion moved from data transfers in the cloud to the topic of open source software.  Although you may think of Intel processors with 18 cores after the interview you will consider Intel Corporation to be more of a backbone of any enterprise movement to information technology.


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