Data encryption & security management

Today’s interview is with Wayne Lewandowski, vice president US Federal Sales, Vormetric. Recently, his company underwrote a survey of federal information security professionals.  He sat for an interview to expand upon the findings of the study.

Headshot of Wayne Lewandowski
Wayne Lewandowski, vice president, US Federal Sales, Vormetric

You can download the free study called the 2016 Vormetric Data Threat Report.  The report was conducted by 451 Research and examined data from 1,100 senior security executives around the world.  A couple if interesting findings —  in spite of all the talk about cyber terrorists, the top external threat was shown to be cyber criminals.  Also, 43% in government thought budget was a barrier to deploying data security.

Finally, many think their current network defenses are adequate. In fact, 60% believe network defenses are very effective at safeguarding data.  This indicates a reliance on protecting end points, but no emphasis on protecting the data a rest.  During the interview Lewandowski expands upon many of these findings and shows where you can consider encrypting data.

What is interesting is a recent solicitation by the DoD for a Cyber Strategy Solutions Meeting. They list many areas of interest, one of the main ones being data loss prevention.  It appears we are having a conversation with Vormetric at the right time.


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