Network management: Results from a cybersecurity survey

Headshot of Mav Turner
Mav Turner, director of Product Strategy, SolarWinds

Today’s guest is Mav Turner, director of Product Strategy at Solar Winds.  If you are responsible for managing a network, you have heard of SolarWinds.  They have a well-known community of users called the Thwack Community that SolarWinds uses to gain understanding of challenges for network management professionals.

Recently, they commissioned a third party company to do a survey of federal cybersecurity landscape.  Mav Turner is in the studio to put the offerings of the company in perspective.  If you would like to see the SolarWinds Federal Cybersecurity Survey Summary Report 2015, please click here.

Essentially, the risk of insider threats has held steady and the threat from foreign actors has risen.  SolarWinds has technology that can help you manage your network to improve the security posture of your agency.

During the interview Turner discussed the assertion, “The first thing an organization needs to catch an insider threat is network visibility.”  He expands on how to get network visibility and the proper approach to massive numbers of alerts.

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