Agile: Easy to describe but difficult to apply

Today’s interview is with Damanjit Padam, vice president, Technical Solutions and Joe Savukas, vice president, Delivery, Macro Solutions.

Heashots of Padam and Savukas
Damanjit Padam & Joe Savukas, Macro Solutions

Probably the easiest thing in the world is to Google “Agile Manifesto” and get a superficial idea of what comprises agile software development. Just for the record, “agile” is easy to describe but very difficult to apply. It takes an experienced team with the tools to allow this iterative process of software development to be applied to federal projects.

Padam has a background in advanced computer science and Savukas has a career filled with knowledge about accounting practices.  This tandem are a good starting place if you are interested in applying agile principle of scrum, Sprint, and DevOps to an important project.

Macro Solutions has grown rapidly and has mastered some concepts of agile delivery, in fact they use terms like “Consultant Care” and “Macro Assurance” to describe the ways they have successfully implemented agile methodology to federal projects that include sensitive financial information.


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