SAS: Understanding Zika with Zetabytes

Headshot of Steve Bennett
Dr. Steve Bennett, principal product marketing consultant, SAS

(This show originally aired on April 11, 2016)

Today’s guest is Dr. Steve Bennett whose official title is principal product marketing consultant at  SAS.  Quite a humble title for someone with a PhD. from Stanford in Computational Biochemistry.  Well, when it comes to understanding complex federal data sets, I guess you need a guy like Dr. Bennett.

Not only does he have an impressive academic background, but he has served as the director of the Biosurveillance Integration Center for the Department of Homeland Security for three years.  Dr. Bennett combines a deep understanding of big data, but he knows the security implications of dynamically changing situations with sensitive databases.

You had better strap on your thinking cap for this interview.  Dr. Bennett ranges from zetabytes to the Zika virus.  You will gain a deeper understanding of biosurveillance, big data, old fashioned analytics, predictive analytics, and  advanced analytics.


Most listeners know SAS, but Dr. Bennett shows you how to harness the power of their 14,000 employees and forty years of success.



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