Innovation in work boots: 1776

Jonahtan Ende, June Marshall and Blake Hall are the CEOs and founders of three successful start-up companies. They join host John Gilroy on Federal Tech Talk t...

Studio photo of Ende, Marshall and Hall
Jonathan Ende, June Marshall, Blake Hall

In 2013 Donna Harris and Even Burfield started 1776.  In the past three years it has attracted over 200 members and hundreds of visitors.  One of the most notable guests was President Barack Obama. Today’s studio guests are a good sampling of early start-up, mid start-up, and successful graduate.  Each company gets a segment to talk about their respective technologies; the final segment is a free-form discussion that talks about 1776 as an incubator and how they have benefited from their relationship with 1776.


Our first guest is Blake Hall

Title:  Founder & CEO Company name:

Focus:  In order to pick up a package at UPS you need to show some kind of identification.  What happens if there are millions of veterans all over the world?  What happens if people are constantly moving and changing addresses?  This problem is addressed by the people at  They provide a digital wallet that enables consumers to produce verified ID cards e.g. military, student, teacher, membership, etc. as well as government issued ID cards in order to verify status.


Our second guest is Jonathan Ende

Title: CEO Company: from Seamless Docs

Focus:  Everyone knows about structured and unstructured data.  What about regular-old data that may be sitting in a Word file of a PDF somewhere.  The whole idea of sending a document to someone, have them sign it, scan it, and send it back is not only tiresome, but can introduce errors along the way.  Seamless Docs offers a solution to unlock much of the information an agency has stored in basic files.


Our third guest is June Marshall

Title: Founder Company name: Repperio

Focus:  If federal procurement professionals would have to spend ten hours a day to keep up with the rapid change in the world of technology. Once they have a grasp on that, then they must adroitly be able to compare varying subscription offerings in the cloud.  Repperio has the answer. They provide insights to help both federal acquisition officers and technology companies understand the complexities of everything from high growth startups to Fortune 500.

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