A unique perspective on cybersecurity

Head shot of Deborah Pierre-Louis
Deborah Pierre-Louis, director of IT Security Policy, Liaison, and Training, Bureau of Information Resource Management, US State Department

Today’s interview is with Deborah Pierre-Louis, director of IT Security Policy, Liaison, and Training,  at the State Department’s Bureau of Information Resource Management.  She has experience in the Marine Corps, the Department of Justice, DHS, Army, and now – the Department of State.  She brings a unique perspective to the world of cybersecurity.

During the interview, Pierre-Louis gave far ranging opinions about training, perimeter-based security, and security by design.   One interesting aspect of the interview was the fact that, although she believes in automation, the human analytical perspective must be taken into account.

For example, the State Department has over 280 offices all over the world.  Each of these vary tremendously. If a purely automated cybersecurity approach was deployed, there is a possibility that unique aspects of each location may be overlooked.  For example, there are locations that have intermittent power outages.  Depending on the system that is used, an automated patch may not be applied methodically as it might if one is administering a server patch in a data center.

Listen to Pierre-Louis’ perspective on monitoring Twitter feeds to keep up to date.



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