Beyond the cloud: What’s next?

Today’s interview is with the brain trust from AIS (Applied Information Sciences) Jason McNutt, solutions architect and Larry Katzman, managing director.

In a world of federal information technology, everybody wants to talk about moving to the cloud – well, what happens once you get there?

headshots of McNutt and Katzman
Jason McNutt & Larry Katzman, AIS

This is a critical question ask in the brave new world of the cloud.  No human can conceivably be able to understand all the dependencies and updates that are needed for a complex cloud migration.  This ability to manage the system is just as important once it is live.  Jason McNutt talks about the capability of automation to be able to manage today’s complex systems.

With AIS, this is called a practical implementation of DevOps.  The CTO of AIS has written a blog that gives a good general introduction to this concept. The title is “Enterprise #DevOps: A Service Catalog Driven Approach.”


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