Surviving in an agile world

Today’s interview is with Bill Lemons, director, Federal Systems Engineering at Juniper Networks.

Head shot of Bill Lemons
Bill Lemons, director, Federal Systems Engineering, Juniper Networks

During the interview you may learn some fun facts about Juniper. For example, many listeners may not have known that Juniper Networks has over 2,900 patents.  They use this technology every day to help data center managers operate effectively.

Another surprising fact is Juniper has been around for almost twenty years.  Most of that time it has had to slug it out with larger, more entrenched vendors.  Juniper has proven time after time to be resourceful and understand the vagaries of the market to produce network equipment that is flexible and fits the needs of data center managers.  Perhaps this is the origin of the maxim on their website, “only the most agile survive.”

Nobody in a data center likes change.  The strive for the proverbial five “nines” and any disruption to this goal will be met with apprehension.  During the interview Lemons talks about Juniper technology and how it can help even the most change-resistant data center managers reach their goals.

Juniper also bucks the “.com” trend because its website is a “.net.”  For more information, go to


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