Elastic: The power behind the (digital) throne

Today’s guest is George Young, senior director Federal at Elastic.  When it comes to federal information technology, there is a great move to the cloud.

head shot of George Young
George Young, senior director, Federal, Elastic

One of the selling points is the ability “dynamically” configure systems. The goal is for agencies to spend just enough but not too much for the task at hand.

You may ask how this is accomplished? If that is your question, then listen to this interview.  Young defines Elastic as an open source search and analysis platform.  The real strength is that it will work with small scale as well as petabytes of data.

You can download the code and test drive Elastic.  If it serves your needs, you can continue or get the commercial version to give you graph exploration, machine learning anomaly detection, fine-grained security and alerting.

It’s already being used by over 1500 websites at GSA alone.  It is behind many of the solutions you see offered in the area of analysis.  This is because you can find it on Amazon GovCloud as well as Microsoft Azure.



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