Attain: Collaboration in a multi-stakeholder environment

Today’s interview is with Greg Baroni, CEO, and Manish Agarwal, president, of Attain.  They joined host John Gilroy in the studio to explain how they handle information technology for federal professionals so much better than all their competitors.

Head shots of Baroni and Agarwal
Greg Baroni & Manish Agarwal, Attain

For starters, both Baroni and Agarwal have decades of experience with the “big house” consultants.

As a result, they have learned what not to do as well as what to emphasize.  One key concept Baroni discusses is the concept of focusing on results, not tools.  Because they are not locked into any specific vendor, they can objectively select the best tool, methodology, or system for the project.

Attain has grown to 500 employees in seven years and was recently named one of the fastest growing consulting companies in Washington, D.C.  Agarwal thinks people want to work with Attain because they seek out the best listeners.  What good is having all the technical talent in the world if consultants can’t listen to the goals and objectives of an agency.

Lots of companies talk about being agile and flexible, it has been shown that Attain has accomplished this in a very competitive world.  Listen for insights on handling collaboration in a multi-stakeholder environment.