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Today’s interview is with Matt Howard, executive vice president for Market Development at Sonatype.   His company helps federal software developers put together code quicker, cheaper, and in a more secure manner.

Head shot of Matt Howard
Matt Howard, Sonatype

Everybody knows federal IT professionals must produce more projects faster and under a tight scrutiny of cybersecurity.  One solution that is increasingly becoming popular is using modular, or component open source code that has already been tested and approved.  Sonatype is a company that can assist in the ability for agencies to use pre-written blocks of code and to know that they are safe and secure.

During the interview Howard made some astounding statements – 80 percent of projects today use pre-written blocks of code.  Further, a recent survey from Sonatype shows that out of every sixteen modules of pre-written code one had a known vulnerability.

Matt emphasized the concept of DevOps, automation, and reducing cost in the interview. Sonatype assists development using DevOps because they can provide tools that allow for rapid testing and increased security through something called a “Software Bill of Materials.”

Listen to the interview to learn how to contrast Agile and DevOps and how the traditional approaches to manufacturing can be applied to software development.


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