A “foundry” of ideas

Today’s guest is Geoff Orazem, managing partner at Eastern Foundry.  Orazem has a background in the U.S. Marine Corp and Harvard Law School.  When he tried to start a business he encountered shared office situations that were no assistance at all.

Head shot of Geoff Orazem
Geoff Orazem, managing partner, Eastern Foundry

To remedy this situation, he created a unique community called Eastern Foundry. The concept is quite simple, provide a flexible work space where startups could have a work environment.  You could meet kindred spirits and share information and strategies.

The idea was to “forge” new relationships in order to come up with innovative ways to solve problems in the federal government. It must have been a good idea, because in two years he has attracted over 95 companies.

During the interview, Orazem shares that many people outside the Washington, D.C. area can’t take advantage of this unique environment.  To remedy this, he came up with a concept called Federal Foundry. They provide training on line where people all over the United States can gain a better understanding of doing business with the federal government.


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