Space, Spock & satellites

Today’s guest is Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch, senior vice president, Government Strategy & Policy, US Government Business Unit, Inmarsat. Most listeners know that Inmarsat is a leading provider of satellite services to the commercial world and the federal government as well.

Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch
Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch

Satellites are included in this “tech” discussion because they are increasingly being included in many aspects of the federal world – they are responsible for many aspects of telecommunications, secure communication, and geospatial interests.

If you think the world of cloud computing is changing, listen to the interview with Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch.  Today, there are “constellations” of thousands of satellites being deployed.  India just launched a rocket with dozens of satellites.   Today, some satellites can fit in your hand!

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have captured the attention of newspaper headline writers with their forays into consumer satellite technology.  This interview will keep you up with new development for your agency.



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