Oracle: Modern cloud for a modern government

Today’s guests are Sarah Jackson, VP Sales Engineering, Ken Currie, group vice president Oracle Public Sector.  The focus of the interview is how Oracle can help federal information professionals take advantage of some of the innovations Oracle is offering.

Head shots of Jackson and Currie
Sarah Jackson & Ken Currie

Probably the focus word for the interview is “modernization.”  If you are currently using an Oracle system, you may be considering moving some of it or part of it to the cloud.  During the discussion, Currie talked about mobile enabled applications, leveraging big data, and analytic tools.

One of the key aspects that emerged from the discussion is the number of people who are currently using the software as a service aspect of Oracle.  When he mentioned the number at seventy million, listeners were probably taken aback.  Quite a large number for a company that is traditionally thought of as behind the firewall.

Jackson brought information about the new Oracle.  The focus is all about efficiency and reducing costs.  She mentioned how the software development lifecycle for Oracle has changed drastically in just the past few years.

Currie gives a good overview of the differences between SaaS and PaaS.  Jackson’s focus on user experience will make her popular with project managers who are considering a hybrid cloud.