A new perspective on innovation

Today’s guest is Camron Gorguinpour and he will be talking about innovation in the federal government.  He has a fascinating background.  After completing a PhD from the University of California Berkley in Bioastronautics, he was recruited to work for the Air Force.  After starting in a humble position, he moved up to being the director of Transformational Innovation, United States Air Force. This interview highlights some of the insights he got and expands on how to implement change in a large organization.

Headshot of Gorguinpour
Camron Gorguinpour, principal, Woden

When he arrived he was handed an initiative called “Bending the Cost Curve” and was told to assist in accomplishing some of the tasks.  He started off with electric vehicles then applied his considerable intellectual ability to other projects. During the interview Gorguinpour expands upon Open Systems Architecture and how innovation can benefit from open systems.

Gorguinpour has two articles about to be published.  One is titled “On Diversifying the Defense Supply Base, and Otherwise.”  He discussed the importance of diversity in the workplace, especially in an environment where collaboration is stressed.  Doing business the way it has always been done is a recipe for tunnel vision and not being open to new and creative ways to solve problems.

He recently partnered with a colleague and started a company called Woden, which helps organizations gain a new perspective on diversity, defense acquisition, and other defense-related topics.


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