Startups: Helping to solve federal IT problems

Todays guests are the co-founder and CTO of Eminent IT, Isaac Barnes as well as the founder and CEO of ArmorText, Navroop Mitter.

They represent two startups that are seeking to solve federal IT problems – — from completely different perspectives.

head shot of Barnes and Mitter
Issac Barnes & Navroop Mitter

Isaac Barnes served in the Marines and was recognized for his technical prowess.  After a stint with a commercial company, he partnered with a Marine colleague and founded Eminent IT.  They work on large projects where legacy systems need to make a transition.

Mitter has a degree in BioMedical Engineering and has worked as a consultant for large companies.  He noticed that organizations were challenged in the areas of collaborating securely.  He put together a company called ArmorText to solve this problem for consumers.  Companies contacted him and he altered his initial offering to add ways for groups to store and track messages in a secure fashion.

This is great interview because each startup is asked how they can bring value to the federal audience. As an added benefit, each startup is asked to evaluate each other.

Each leader articulates his value proposition for the federal audience in an intriguing manner.  Barnes talks about building teams to solve complex problems. Mitter gives teams options to securely transfer messages.


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