Take it to the limit: Going beyond zettabytes

What are the latest breakthroughs in data storage? Find out this week when Nick Psaki, principal systems engineer for Pure Storage joins host John Gilroy on Fe...

Today’s guest is Nick Psaki, principal systems engineer, Pure Storage.

When a federal information professionals look at the past ten years, they notice the move to the cloud and the proliferation of smartphones.  There have been some recent changes in storage that go along with these big movements. In fact, the changes that Pure Storage provide will enable future moves to the cloud.

Head shot of Nick Psaki
Nick Psaki, principal systems engineer, Pure Storage

Psaki spent twenty years in the ARMY and has a great understanding of the systems requirements, and limitations, of a data center.

During the interview, he describes the data growth explosion and the shift to flash memory.  He tells the federal audience why they should look at Pure Storage for breakthroughs in storage.

In fact, Pure Storage recently announced dozens of new aspects of storage that Pure Storage can provide.

Right now the Internet of Things has combined with increases in data to force data centers to improve the way they store data.

One relatively unknown specification will impact all of us.  It goes by the relatively innocuous acronym of NVMe, which stands for Non-Volatile Memory Host Controller Specification.

When you combine this the innovations in flash storage, you get a situation that can adapt to the drastic increase in storage requirements for the future.


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