Can open source help agencies manage big data?

Today’s guests are Hortonworks Federal President Shaun Bierweiler and his colleague Henry Sowell, the company’s technical director for Public Sector. They are in the studio to give some listeners some insight when it comes to Hadoop and big data.

Head shots of Bierweiler and Sowell
Shaun Bierweiler & Henry Sowell, Hortonworks

Everyone has heard of big data –one of the earliest ways to manage huge amounts of data is an open source product called Hadoop.  What Hortonworks does is takes the open source system and make it easy to use.  Hortonworks provides a data management platform that can handle structured and unstructured data.

Probably one of the best quotes of the interview comes from the Hortonworks website with its “We are powering the future of data.”  What they mean is that can provide a platform that will allow you to get a better understanding of large amounts of data.  In fact, their system helps you avoid vendor lock-in because their solution is open source.

Bierweiler explains the concept of the Apache Software Foundation while Sowell gives some of the rationales behind why open source systems are more secure than proprietary.




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