Accelerating innovation into the federal government

Meagan Metzger, founder and CEO of Dcode42, brings her perspective on innovation to the show today.

Head shot of Meagan Metzger
Meagan Metzger, founder & CEO, Dcode42

Metzger started an accelerator called Dcode42. Based in Washington, DC, it carefully selects startup companies that have the potential to make a difference in helping federal agencies solve information technology problems. In fact her web site uses the phrase, “Accelerating Innovation into the Federal Government.”

If you are a commercial company with an creative new product it is difficult to get a grasp on how to make the federal government aware of the new solution. It can be incredibly complex, frustrating, and full of new vocabulary that is not used in the commercial world.

During the interview, Metzger talks about challenges. The sales cycle is long, the process is complex, and federal compliance is world’s apart from regular old corporate governance, risk, and compliance (GRC).

Metzger highlights some of the ways to understand how innovation can be applied to federal projects from startups.