Federal CIOs: An outsider’s perspective

Today’s guests are Phil Crawford, senior consultant and Branko Primetica, partner & chief strategy officer, eGlobal Tech. They are going to take a look at the federal CIO position and give an outsider’s perspective.

Head shots of Crawford & Primetica
Phil Crawford & Branko Primetica, eGlobal Tech

Most people have read the studies about the federal CIO position.  Some claim that nine of the top 24 agency CIO positions are empty. Some will argue that a leadership position that, as a rule of course, must be replaced every four years is a recipe for failure.

In order to get a better perspective on this, we have invited a seasoned executive and in-the-field practitioner to the studio to get their outsider perspective. One view is from 40,000 feet and talks about larger picture strategies; the other has a focus on day-to-day reality.

The discussion includes transition issues like a proposed five-year term for federal CIOs, DevOps, blockchain, open source, and the impact of uncertainty on federal transition to the cloud.

Challenges abound in the area of technology change – in the commercial world as well as in the federal government.  Crawford’s and Primetica’s observations may offer some insight for federal CIOs.


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