How do you measure cybersecurity risk?

Head shot of Rick Howard
Rick Howard, chief security officer, Palo Alto Networks

Today’s guest is Rick Howard, chief security officer at Palo Alto Networks. If you are interested in cybersecurity, then this is the interview for you. He is a graduate of West Point with decades of experience in a wide range of federal agencies.

Howard talks about using tools to reduce the manual response aspect of reacting to a cybersecurity event. He details his definition of terms like extensibility and flexibility when it comes to managing federal resources. During the interview, he talks about concepts like the cyber kill chain, doxing, and threat intelligence sharing.

Howard is well known in the cyber community, he was recently invited to speak at the RSA Conference. He is the progenitor of the list of essential readings on cybersecurity housed by Palo Alto Networks. This list is called the “Cybersecurity Canon.” This is a tremendous resource for novices as well as experienced cyber professionals. The list includes topics as far ranging as Blockchain Revolution by Don Tapscott to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson to William Gibson’s classic Neuromancer.


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