The strengths & weaknesses of the cloud

Today’s guest is Jared R. Greene, chief security architect and product owner at CloudAware Federal. The last few years have seen a drastic move to the cloud for federal information technology professionals. Along with that have been many “learning moments” where systems administrators have been amazed by the speed of deploying to the cloud as well as some unexpected consequences.

Head shot of Jared Greene
Jared Greene, CloudAware Federal

Many have discovered that the big strength of the cloud can be its biggest weakness. Many offerings do not include backups by default. One may deploy, accidentally erase it, and wind up further behind than when you started.

CloudAware is a system that helps you make the correct decisions before you move to the cloud, assists in managing your systems in the cloud, and can help you with cost management as well.


Many cloud users, both commercial and federal, don’t have transparency when it comes to the cloud. You may want to resort to manually evaluating logs, but this gets impossible with the size of cloud deployments. This process must be automated.

CoudAware offers you the ability to centralize this visibility.  Greene expands upon how you can ensure compliance, control costs, and respond to incidents with innovative technology. During the interview, Jared talks about his “boots on the ground” experience with years of installing network systems and his transition to cloud technology.

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