The different flavors of search

Today’s guest is George Young, Vice President U.S. Sector for Elastic.

head shot of George Young
George Young, vice president, US Public Sector, Elastic

Every agency is under the gun to absorb more and more data in a wide variety of formats.  The problem is providing relevant results. One approach is to look at your specific problem and “test drive” open source code to see if it works.  When it comes to searching big data fast, this is where Elastic fits.

It can handle structured and unstructured data.  There are areas of the federal government where it is used in the world of satellite imagery.  Elastic provides a distributed, multi-tenant, and scalable solution to many search requirements.

During the interview, Young focuses on the threat landscape today and how a tool like Elastic can help.  He likes to think of Elastic as a decision-making tool.  He expands upon the concept of the amount of data presented, how it is amplified by machine learning, and then how to make sense of the information.

One way to maintain vigilance with your cybersecurity posture is to try out innovative tools like Elastic to see if they are a good fit in your environment.

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