Climbing the mountain of big data

Engility CEO Lynn Dugle joins host John Gilroy on this week's Federal Tech Talk to discuss innovation, agile software development, and a tool her company has de...

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(This show originally aired on June 26, 2018)

Today’s guest is Lynn Dugle, CEO of Engility.  They have worked with a wide range of federal agencies over many years.  We see interest in satellites gaining steam in the past years.  Engility has worked side-by-side with NASA since the early days.  Now, they are helping with trying to get a grasp on the mountain of data produced by satellites and even missions to Mars.

Head shot of Lynn Dugle
Lynn Dugle, CEO, Engility

The challenge at many agencies is not finding a needle in a haystack, it is finding the haystack 33 million miles away, getting a signal back, then trying to make sense of all the zeros and ones.  During the interview, Dugle talks about several topics, including agile software development, innovations concepts, and a tool they have developed to assist in understanding big data.

Engility encourages innovation by setting aside special teams under the umbrella called the ENovation Center. They try to assemble teams with different skill sets to solve problems in new ways.

The Internet of Things has combined with the Internet to produce petabytes of data. Dugle details a product called “MetaSift” that can allow agencies to make sense of extremely large data sets.

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