A new focus in IoT security

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This week on Federal Tech Talk, Emily Miller, director of National Security and Critical Infrastructure Programs, at Mocana joins host John Gilroy to talk about IoT security.

Mocana has been around since 2002, with a specialty that was not very well known among normal computer users — embedded system security. This was a sub field that looked at small components in the non-personal computer market assuring compliance and security.

Head shot of Emily Miller
Emily Miller, director, National Security and Critical Infrastructure Programs, Mocana

In 2017 the Stuxnet worm was used on the HVAC system to attack an air-gapped network. Suddenly, knowledge of embedded systems security was desirable. This was rather esoteric knowledge until components got cheap and incredibly small.

After years of thought leadership, Mocana is an overnight success in an area that is well-known — the Internet of Things, or IoT.  Some listeners know that today’s networks can be connected to a myriad of systems. Each one of these IP addresses can be an attack vector. For example, your future car may be comprised, due to a wide range of components that can be compromised.

During the interview, Miller brings her federal experience to detail how device integrity and supply chain management should be important for the federal cybersecurity professional.


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