The future of cybersecurity training

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Let’s face it:  federal information technology professionals have a limited amount of time to learn best practices for cybersecurity and then, keep up to date.

There are a lot of certifications that one can get that can be applied to commercial as well as federal IT.  Probably the best known is the CISSP.  The question listeners must ask is, “What possible good would it do me to waste training time learning about regulations for banks in Oklahoma?”

Head shot of Jim Wiggins
Jim Wiggins, executive director, Federal IT Security Institute

If you crushed for time, it seems reasonable to take what little resource you have to training and apply it directly to your environment.  That is where the Federal IT Security Institute (FITSI) can come to the rescue.

Their focus is having a deep and thorough understanding of federal cybersecurity regulations.  If you spend seven hour in a FITSI course, you will throw all the extraneous information out the window and have a laser-focus on federal topics.

Jim Wiggins is the executive director FITSI.  He joined host John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk to discuss options for cybersecurity training. During the interview, Wiggins talks about the deep relationships FITSI has with NIST as well as organizations like DGS.  Because of this specific knowledge, they can provide training that is not misdirected.

He also mentions the FITSI initiative called the Wounded Warrior Cyber Combat Academy.  They take veterans and give them the targeted skills to be valuable in a federal environment.


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