The ‘mysterious’ ISO 9000

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Many listeners may have heard of the mysterious “ISO 9000.” It is an international standard that is an integral part of many quality management systems.

On this week’s Federal Tech Talk, Adam McNair, chief operations officer of Highlight Technologies, will explore what it means to the world of federal software development projects.

Head shot of Adam McNair
Adam McNair, COO, Highlight Technologies

McNair has over two decades in working with complex federal development projects. From his perspective, when an organization gets the ISO 9001 certification they can complete projects faster and allow for scaling.

The conversation includes some technical description of what an ISO certification means. However,  McNair repeatedly emphasized the fact that just because a company has a badge that indicated an ISO 9001 certification, it doesn’t mean they embrace the concepts.

What is the federal connection?

An argument can be made that one of the success factors in delivering federal programs is getting a handle on variables that can be controlled. The ISO process will provide you the tools to improve the quality of the development process.

In fact, Highlight Technologies is in a position to assist other companies who have attempted the certification and failed in the past. McNair said Highlight Technologies is the first company in the world who has been approved for the new ISO 56000 certification for innovation.

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