Robotic Process Automation: Is it right for your agency?

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There is perfect storm brewing in the federal information technology community. On one hand we see a drastic increase in data that is being presented. We all know about the internet of things and the tons of data that the cloud can ingest.

On the other hand, we see an increased need to monitor and be careful with cybersecurity and requirements to improve services in federal call centers. This increased workload is contrasted with the fact of many people reaching retirement age in the federal government.

Head shot of Jim Walker
Jim Walker UiPath

That’s where the concept of Robotic Process Automation or (RPA) comes in. This week on Federal Tech Talk, Jim Walker from UiPath joined host John Gilroy to discuss how RPA fits in with today’s federal environment, and how can it reduce cost for federal information technology projects.

Walker was a federal employee for decades and can empathize with the situation that many listeners see themselves. During the interview, he suggested that it is time to look at system that can take away the drudgery of day-to-day activities. The idea is to use software tools that can be called digital assistants or even “robots” to do the mundane, time consuming acts that will free up time for more analytical activities.

The General Services Administration is getting behind this concept of Robotic Process Automation. They are establishing a Community of Practice where federal professionals can share ideas about using automation to reduce errors and speed up compliance. Walker stated that over 300 people have signed up for the new Community of Practice for Robotic Process Automation.

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