ITIL 4.0: Transforming federal organizations

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To induce fear and loathing into the heart of a federal information technology professional, merely start talking about the ITIL certification.

At one time, ITIL stood for Information Technology Infrastructure Library; today, it is just ITIL. The “4.0” doesn’t stand for a revision level. It stands for the 4th Industrial Revolution. To steal a phrase from Oldsmobile marketing, ITIL 4.0 — this is not your father’s ITIL.

Head shot of Drew Jaehnig
Drew Jaehnig, Bizagi

The revolution is the ability to use systems intelligently, essentially taking data sets and applying logical rules for machines to learn. The challenge is for all this complex ability to take place in an environment that is subject to rigorous compliance standards.

Drew Jaehnig from Bizagi has decades of experience in designing federal systems. He joined Federal Tech Talk host John Gilroy in the studio to update the audience about how ITIL can help today, like structuring automation. ITIL has a direct impact on topics like robotic process automation, digital process automation, and artificial intelligence.

To boil down the interview into one concept, Jaehnig talks about how to transform federal organizations through intelligent process automation.

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