The challenges facing a remote workforce

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This week on Federal Tech Talk, host John Gilroy interviewed Scott Deviney, vice president of US Public Sector at Riverbed.

Riverbed is widely known in the federal information technology community for helping improve network performance all the way to a Wide Area Network (WAN).

Headshot of Scott Deviney
Scott Deviney, Riverbed

It is no surprise to people reading this that the health care crisis has pressure tested systems all over the government. Agencies are expected to transition to 90% remote access with no degradation in service. This increased visibility also allows for better troubleshooting, improving compliance, as well as added flexibility.

One key concept discussed was the ability of Virtual Private Network systems to be dynamic in a crush situation. Deviney also delineated some issues with hybrid systems.

The discussion touched on the power of a Software Defined Network (SDN) to give the flexibility to configure systems when the need demands. This applies to user experience (UX) of systems as well. Today’s users want to connect remotely and not have an experience that includes crashes, hangs, or poor loading time.


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