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Telos has a well-earned reputation for being able to take sensitive information and lock it down in a cloud environment. They were the first company to work with an intelligence agency and have success with a cloud deployment.

Head shot of Stephen Horvath
Stephen Horvath, Telos

The health care crisis of 2020 has forced many agencies to look at leveraging the cloud to accommodate the proliferation of remote users. Security and compliance are top of mind in this situation and Telos has learned many hard-fought lessons about security and the cloud.

Stephen Horvath is the vice president of Strategy & Vision at Telos, and he joined host John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk to discuss the lessons he’s learned from handling large systems and compliance issues for federal information professionals.

When compliance is done manually, it can drag down any transition. This is especially true if an agency has dozens of point solutions in its cybersecurity suite. Horvath suggests that an automated platform, like Xacta, gives a systems manager the ability to push through workloads faster and expedite approval.

Every agency will have a different set of circumstances to concern themselves with, some may choose well-known vendors like Amazon; some may choose Microsoft. What is key is that if you automate a system, it must work with both major cloud providers.

Because of new cybersecurity initiatives beginning in civilian and military agencies, any automated system must provide the flexibility to accommodate new cybersecurity regulations as well.


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