Google Cloud: Reduced cost and increased flexibility

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Google is so big that it is hard to know where to begin. Last year, Google had an estimated sale of $182 billion. If you just look at the Google Cloud, you can find over one hundred products.

On this week’s Federal Tech Talk, Todd Schroeder, managing director Global Public Sector, Strategy and Sales for Google, joins host John Gilroy to talk about a few of those offerings to show the federal audience how the Google Cloud Platform can reduce cost and improve flexibility. He brings in specific case studies from the U.S. Navy, NOAA, and gives general information on best practices for moving apps and data to the cloud.

Todd Schroeder, managing director, Global Public Sector Strategy and Sales, Google

An American Naval ship has many maintenance needs that the typical listener may not be aware of. For example, there are areas outside the ship that must be inspected. There are nooks and crannies inside a large vessel that need to be inspected. This is a great application for using a drone.

The challenge is how to manage the data once the drone has made its pass.

During the interview Schroeder expands on options from a simple inspection – whether to process the information on a ship — whether to process it at the closest data center — and finally, to send it to the standard data center for the U.S. Navy.

As it turns out, thousands of dollars can be saved when a quick analysis of maintenance images can be done on a timely basis.

NOAA had a similar challenge — it was collecting data at locations far from headquarters and wanted to process if close to the collection point. Schroeder gives an example of the flexibility in data processing with his example of how NOAA responded to a tough compute problem.

Moving from the specific to the general, Schroeder reviews options for handling “stacks” of applications when an agency decides to move to the cloud.

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