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This week on Federal Tech Talk, host John Gilroy interviewed Steve Grewal, vice president and chief technology officer, Public Sector, at Cohesity.

Grewal He has worked as a chief information officer, CTO and deputy CIO for a wide variety of federal agencies. Because of his background, he has a good handle on the challenges facing federal technology professionals.

Steve Grewal, VP & CTO, Public Sector, Cohesity

During this interview, Grewal gives the audience thought observations on topics like Data Management, Disaster Recovery, and Cybersecurity.

Because of his frustrations with point solutions for a range of technology solutions, he prefers a solution that is based on a platform. He expands on the concept of “centralized storage for disparate data systems.” It is his opinion that a centralized approach gives the federal community the ability to control data management.

The approach for Cohesity is a brand spanking new acronym, DMass, for Data Management-as-a-Service. With this approach, an end-user can dial up as much data management power as they want. Further, this approach will assist with compliance and assuring the integrity of data.

In January we celebrated “Data Privacy Day.” Grewal commented that, for a federal CIO, every day is data privacy day. The challenge is how to accomplish this in a multi-cloud environment. One future benefit of a centralized approach is the ability it gives for “unfettered” access to all data stores. With the access, it allows enhanced analysis.

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