Eliminating the Federal Career Intern Program

January 21, 2011 — The Federal Career Intern Program (FCIP) was eliminated by an executive order issued by President Barack Obama on Dec. 27, 2010.

Effective March 1, the program that has been used to hire over 100,000 individuals since its creation in 2001 will be replaced with the Pathways Program. This new program will include an internship program and a recent graduates program, as well as the existing Presidential Management Fellows Program.

Why was the program eliminated? What does this change mean for hiring new employees? What will happen if someone is currently under FCIP when the program ends?

For these answers and more, join guest host Tony Vergnetti, Tim McManus of the Partnership for Public Service, and Jim Eisenmann and Melissa Mehring of the Merit Systems Protection Board to learn more about the cancellation of the Federal Career Intern Program and MSPB rulings on the FCIP.


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