A different look at the federal judiciary

February 25, 2011 — Many jobs within the federal workforce have unique challenges and opportunities. They can include training and development needs, specific legislative issues considered by Congress, and job-specific issues.

The federal courts are no different.

Most of the public thinks of judges when they think of the federal court system. However, court clerks and probation and pretrial officers also keep the federal courts operating. To address the challenges and to ensure a voice in the decision-making process, many of these employees have come together through their respective associations.

This week on FEDtalk, host Debra Roth will be joined by two of these associations to learn about their organizations and discuss their top issues.

During the first half of the show, John Bendzunas, Legislative Liaison of the Federal Probation and Pretrial Association (FPPOA) will discuss issues important to its members and its upcoming National Training Institute.

Patricia McNutt, President-Elect of the Federal Court Clerks Association (FCCA) will join the conversation during the second half of the show to discuss the top issues facing court clerks and the resources it offers to its members.


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