Sequestration’s effect on the Judiciary

Debra Roth hosts a roundtable discussion of how sequestration has affected the judicial branch, justice, and the rule of law. August 23, 2013

August 23, 2013 — Like all branches of government, the judicial branch has faced budget cuts imposed by sequestration.

These budget cuts have resulted in furloughs for federal defenders, court staff, court law enforcement officers, and other judicial employees.

This has resulted in problems for federal public defenders defending cases in federal court, and for judges who oversee cases.

Not only has the staff of the judiciary branch been slimmed down, but workloads for remaining staff have increased.

The Merit Systems Protection Board, which adjudicates most executive branch cases, is facing a massive load of over 30,000 furlough cases (primarily from the Department of Defense) on top of its normal caseload.

This week on “FEDtalk”, host Debra Roth will discuss this issue with Bryan Polisuk, general counsel of the Merit Systems Protection Board, Bruce Moyer of the Federal Bar Association, and Michael Nachmanoff, Federal Public Defender in Virginia.

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